Odontoglossum and Butterfly

Odontoglossum and Butterfly. Leonard Koscianski, 46″x34″, oil on canvas, 2006.

Odontoglossum and Butterfly is a medium size painting in oils on canvas. The colors and details of the blossom were taken from an actual orchid, in the artist’s collection. The butterfly and background are imaginary, though based on natural prototypes. The lighting is invented and unites the contrasting pictorial elements. The expressive color scheme is dominated by reds, yellows, and violets. A complimentary green background peaks around the edges of the main subject. Though based on real objects, the extreme close-up, and rhythmic nature of the lines and shapes make this a surreal composition. It is more expressive and dreamlike than real. Stylistically it pays homage to the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, and Salvador Dali.