Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf. Leonard Koscianski, 8″x10″, oil on panel, 2010 – 2019.

Lone Wolf is painted using oil paint on a wood panel, using organic, all natural bristle, and sable brushes. Though small in size, it is packed with a variety objects and textures including detailed renderings of the moon, a spider web, suburban homes, and sharp teeth. Surreal in style, it is a Postmodern Art re-creation of pet art. The message of this painting is that a hidden psychologically charged world lies beneath our own.

Postmodern Art uses the styles and images of the past, and reinterprets them for Contemporary Art expressions. In this case infusing pet art imagery with Expressionist Art emotion. It is indebted to Pop Art attitudes of irony. This painting harkens back to the British Romantic Era, and the animal art of George Stubbs, combined with the love of textures and detail of the Dutch masters.

This painting can be seen at the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago.