Storming In

Storming In.  Oil on canvas, 42″ x 26″.

Storming In is a medium size painting – 42″ x 26″, oil on canvas. In this surrealist composition a sailboat drives through the chop toward a rocky shore as billowy clouds move in. A strong wind creates waves, foam, and spray. Two distant sailboats race across the water. On the shore a church is surrounded by houses. A flock of birds flies in from the right. We see the people on the boat. Are they excited, or afraid? Do they wish they were safely ashore? When faced with the power of nature, our solid structures, such as boats, houses, or churches can seem puny by comparison. We may feel threatened. Time seems to stand still when a sudden storm darkens the sky. Yet seen from a distance, storm clouds are captivating, even beautiful.

Blue and Green colors dominate the composition. The background sky transitions to warm colors in the foreground. The dark blue water transitions to green. Small areas of red accent the sailors and their boat in the center of the painting. A warm light pours out of the windows on shore, while a serene moon rides above the tumultuous scene.